Sunday, January 29, 2006

a good egg

our neighbourhood watch newsletter slid through our letterbox this week. three crimes were reported for our area - a mugging, a burglary and criminal damage. the last caught my attention, despite the typos/funny application of grammar and syntax in the first two reports. i'm trying to figure out whether carelessly kicking a football on our street can make one a 'suspect' for criminal damage. or is it, once you've been told off by a car owner, the throwing of an egg in anger? i have to say my sympathies lie with the bored kids who were out of school for Christmas and were killing time in the street. i can't really see how much damage a carelessly kicked football can do to a car. good thinking with the egg though. poor kid had the police called on [him] to give him a proper telling off.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

i've totally lost it - part 2

so mrs hope took me shopping to try and console me in my loss. and all i found was that my lost beanie was one of a kind (or thousands among Gap's 2004 winter collection, it's all relative here). so, safe in the knowledge that no beanie could replace the one i lost, i bought three new ones instead.

is that going too far?

Monday, January 16, 2006

i've totally lost it!

i lost my favourite beanie hat today. i was cycling up from town and lost it somewhere up the gloucester road. i discovered that it had silently fallen from my pocket as i was approaching oddbins, and turned back to check my route. unfortunately it was nowhere to be seen and i just got more hot and bothered than before. why is it so irritating to lose something precious, even if it is only just a hat?

to top it off, my a*se is killing me as i haven't cycled for ages.

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